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suzie_costello's Journal

'Cause It Gets Inside You
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Welcome to the community for Torchwood member Suzie Costello
We won't bite. Promise.

Rules: because we gotta have 'em
Many such rules/policies were snagged from comms like torch_wood.
1.) No bashing. Period. No character-bashing, pairing-bashing, fic/art-bashing, or member-bashing. This will get you kicked off faster than you can say 'pterodactyl'. Just be nice, because we're all friends here!
2.) Try and keep everything related to Suzie or her actress Indira Varma, thanks. There are plenty of other comms for other characters and general discussion.
3.) SPOILER POLICY--ALL spoilers shall go behind an < lj-cut >< /lj-cut >. Yes, EVEN AFTER IT AIRS. Please check torch_wood, as our spoiler policy will be very similar.
4.) Please use tags so everything is a lot more manageable. I realize that things will be hectic at first, and you're always free to request new tags. List of current tags are here.
5.) FANFICTION/ART POLICY--PLEASE put all fics and art behind either a cut or a fake cut/link to another journal. Also, ratings are highly important on both. For fics, you can tell us whatever info you feel is important (title, author, stummary, etc.) just as long as the rating is visible. By art we mean sketches and the like, not graphics (that is, for example, you scan in something drawn in pencil and touch it up with PaintShop is still art, but making a wallpaper is a graphic).
6.) ICON/GRAPHICS POLICY--no more than 3 icons outside a cut/link, please, for our dial-up friends. And please, follow the rules of the members that post them (if they say comment/credit, be kind and do so) unless otherwise noted by said member. For graphics, a cut is nice, but you can have a downsized version as a teaser on the outside if you'd like. Embedded videos will also be behind cuts.

BBC Torchwood profile of Suzie
Wikipedia entry on Suzie, which isn't her own page, I know, sad.
Torchwood.org page on Suzie, and if you search some of the pages, there are various bits of info like IM conversations and the page on the pterodactyl, as well as the glove, that are certainly worth a look.

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